Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Idea of the Month

This month in the free monthly e-newsletter, we talk about that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. We talk about that feeling of dread or that something bad is going to happen. And the sense of "what else could go wrong" or Murphy's Law (what can go wrong, will go wrong).

All of that is an expectation of Bad. We must train our minds to expect Good instead.

This Universe operates within a set of laws. The Law of Mind can only give you what you have the consciousness for. It operates on a principle. You set the law in motion through conscious thought and subconscious beliefs.

You can only change your subconscious through conscious efforts. One of those efforts is to consciously expect good. Expect a good outcome in every circumstance, situation and problem. Expect that your needs are met. Expect that the loving givingness of God is always for you and never against you. Expect that you are always protected and provided for.

Why is it so much easier to expect the bad and not the good? Does that keep us from being disappointed? From getting our hopes up? Does it keep us from having to be responsible for our lives and what happens in them?

I suspect all the above. But here is the Truth: as Jesus said "it is the Father's great pleasure to give you the Kingdom." Good is waiting for us. Good is right there. Good is as achievable as Bad.

Expect the Kingdom. Accept the Kingdom. Live in the Kingdom.

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