Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Idea of the Month

My goodness, where did the month of May go? It is May 24, and I am just now posting the Idea of the Month on our website. Actually, I guess I just forgot!

Any way, the idea this month is in keeping with our year-long daily practice of reading and absorbing the incredible wisdom and spiritual knowledge found in "365 Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes.

He designates May as the month of Joy. What a wonderful idea. Joy is the "emotion excited by the expectancy of good", according to Holmes.

Expecting good and only good. A tall order, but something we can work on in our journey of spiritual growth.

Lately I have been experiencing just the opposite. The "waiting for the other shoe to drop" syndrome. Having a small nagging feeling in the back of mind that something will go wrong. Like something breaking down. Something malfunctioning. Something getting worse. Something not getting better.

Some things have happened to me recently that have demonstrated this lesser thought. So now is the time to change my thinking before more sh*t happens! I must start expecting the good. I must start expecting only good with my health. I must start expecting only good with my home. I must start expecting only good with my possessions.

What are you expecting?
Share your thoughts here.

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