Monday, September 6, 2010

September Idea of the Month

This month we are talking about a recommitment to the Truth.

It is not unusual to get caught up in our human intellect which judges based on appearances alone.

This recommitment to the Truth is to look beyond mere appearances and to realize and recognize that there is more to Life than just the appearance. We can know that behind every seeming limitation is the Limitlessness of Spirit. Behind every appearance of illness is health. Behind every appearance of lack is abundance. Behind every appearance of disharmony is harmony. Behind every appearance of failure is success.

Yes, we deal with the reality of the appearance, but we think and believe and act from the place of the Ultimate and Absolute Truth.

We don't ignore the appearance, but we see it for what it really is: a conditional, temporary, physical effect. Not absolute. Not permanent. Not cause.

If we believe only what we see, we will only get more of the same. We can change any physical effect when we start from Spiritual Cause. Know the Truth that there is only Good operating in this Universe.

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