Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Idea of the Month

April's idea of the month is renewal. For some reason, I am filled with joy and wonder when I think about the word renewal. It is such a hopeful and life-affirming word!

We can always be renewed! It is never too late for anything or anyone. Past mistakes and hurts can be let go. The past does not equal the future. There is unlimited possibilities. Spring springs eternal. There is always another spring. Growth and green never stops.

Make all things new in your life.

We also talk about fear and opportunity in the newsletter feature article. Do new opportunities strike fear in your heart? We want them, we ask for them, we pray for them, we treat for them (opportunities, that is) but when they present themselves to us, we reject them, we do not accept them, we run from them. All because of fear. Where does that fear come from? From the very strong belief that we can be separate and separated from our good. That something bad may happen if we accept this opportunity. Not that something bad will happen, but MAY happen. We are predicting failure before it even happens, before we even try.

We must make our belief in our unity with God (Good) stronger than our belief in separation and bad. Yes, easier said than done.

What do you think? How do you overcome fear? Or are you stuck in fear?
Write your comments.

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