Thursday, August 6, 2009

August Idea of the Month

This month in the newsletter, we talk about Willingness.

What are you willing to give, do, be? Especially the "give" part. What are you willing to give in any situation, whether that be a conflict, problem, challenge, in order for a desired outcome to be experienced?

Are you willing to give your money? Are you willing to give your time? Are you willing to lend a hand? Are you willing to let go?

Here's the loving part of Spirit though. Just by being willing, Spirit is going to more than meet you half way in the resolution of a challenge or in the manifesting of a desire.

You see, it is the willingness, the openness of heart, that shows Spirit that "you mean business." That you have the conviction and focus of what you say you want.

You cannot out-give God. When you say, in all sincerity, I am willing to give __________, Spirit, by its very nature, gives back to you more.

When I am willing to give of myself in any situation, it invariably turns out that the situation resolves itself without me actually having to do anything! The willingness sometimes is enough -- if it is sincere.

Say I'm willing to pick someone up at the airport. It is inconvenient, I have to change plans, etc. But I am willing to do it and as the day approaches, I prepare for it. Invariably, things will work out in a way that the person gets someone else to pick them up. Or they rent a car. Or they take public transportation. Whatever the particulars, it turns out that they don't need me to pick them up anymore.

Do you think that would have happened if I had moaned and complained and didn't prepare for picking them up? No. I would have had to pick them up and get to moan and complain and resent it even more!

A cheerful willingness will change your life. But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself and see if things don't work out for you just by being willing.

Let's here from people on whether this has worked for them. Post your experiences here.

Until next time.

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